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NanRise and Shenzhen Talent Industrial Park Strategic Partnership Bridging China and the World in Technology Commercialization


On April 26, 2021, Shenzhen Talent Industrial Park Co., Ltd. and NanRise Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will jointly provide innovation consulting and technology commercialization advisory services for corporate clients from Singapore and the ASEAN markets.

南科创新将会在科技转化市场领域与深圳人才产业园有限公司合作,为科技企业提供“China Market as a Service”的全套服务,帮助科技企业进入中国市场,顺利落地发展。此次达成战略合作,双方也将重点关注(但不限于)城市发展领域,包括物业管理、绿色建筑、清洁技术和能源系统、交通、基础设施、智慧城市和智慧建筑、物联网、数据分析、人工智能等,携手探索商机和实现业务增长。

NanRise will collaborate with the Shenzhen Talent Industrial Park Co., Ltd. provides 'China Market as a Service' for global technology innovation companies to help them enter Chinese market and set up entities in China. In this strategic cooperation, the two parties will work together to explore business opportunities and developments with focus on (but is not limited to) domains of urban developments, including property management, green buildings, clean tech and energy systems, mobilities, infrastructure, smart cities and smart buildings, internet of things, data analytics, Al, etc.


Shenzhen Talent Industrial Park Co., Ltd. is a tier-one subsidiary of Shenzhen Talent Group. It was established on June 6, 2019 with a registered capital of RMB 46 million.

The company's operating team consists of more than 50 people, including Investment Management Department, Technology Innovation Department, Talent's Selected Department, Talent SoHo Department, Operations Department, and Shared Admin Department. Through providing innovation consulting services to industry leading companies, the company invests and introduces international technology companies into the Chinese market, and provides a full range of services including company registration, mentor matching, executive and technical executive recruitment, Chinese team building, industrial and commercial finance and taxation services, policy matching applications, talent apartments, corporate employee benefits, etc. to help international technology companies land in the Chinese market and grow rapidly, and also help industry leading companies to implement their technology innovation plans.




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