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Beijing and Resilient Urban Transport Services at the Post Pandemic Era

The World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Beijing Transportation Development Research Institute jointly organized the ” Seminar on Resilient Transportation Services in the Post Pandemic Period” to bring together international and national experts in urban and transportation development to explore how local governments and cities should build up the resilience of urban transportation systems to manage risks.

Dr Stanley YIP, CEO of NanRise was invited as one of the keynote speakers to address the seminar and he spoke on Urban Transportation Planning and Resilience to Climate Changes Risks for Cities.

He emphasized the importance of developing new tools to evaluate the global climate change scenarios and downscale their potential impacts at city spatial level. These are important steps for the cities to be able to assess the future risks and plan for the resilience in its urban development and infrastructure planning, as well as retrofitting the cities to adapt to the climate changes.



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