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NanRise collaborates with Guangzhou Planning Institute to further carbon neutrality in China

南科创新与中国广州市城市规划勘测设计研究院 (GZPI) 合作推动在中国城市规划实现碳中和目标。

南科创新首席执行官叶祖达博士与2023年3月17日与广州市城市规划勘测设计研究院的国土与空间规划设计所和低碳生态规划研究中心交流有关国内外城市迈向2050净零碳目标得最新发展, 并提出有关重点技术领域面对的挑战和机遇。 双方同意未来加紧合作推动碳中和目标在国土空间规划体系内实施。

NanRise collaborates with Guangzhou Urban Planning Survey and Design Institute (GZPI) to promote the implementation of spatial planning to achieve carbon neutrality goals in Chinese cities.

On March 17, 2023, Dr. Stanley YIP, CEO of NanRise, chaired an exchange meeting with the Territory and Spatial Planning Institute and the Low Carbon Ecological Planning Research Center of the GZPI the discuss the latest development of the 2050 net zero carbon target for cities around the world/ The challenges and opportunities for the urban development industry are discussed. Both parties agreed to step up the cooperation in the future to promote the implementation of the carbon neutrality goal within the statutory Territorial Spatial Planning System in China.



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