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NanRise is a spin off consulting and investment advisory company from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, with specific focus on accelerating technological innovation commercialization in sustainable urban development in the AIC region (ASEAN, India and Greater China).


NanRise provides services to local and international clients both in the public and private sectors in capacity building, technology commercialization and testbeds, consultancy advice, planning and design of technology driven urban development.


These are supported by our strong access to an extensive network of research institutes, investors, green technology experts and industry partners in the region.

Our Focus

Learn about our technological and business focus

Accelerating Technologies to Markets

Capacity Building and Training


Green Business Opportunities in ASEAN

Our Services

Learn about our services

Sustainability Strategy

Technology Commercialization

Training and Capacity Building

Technology Driven Urban Planning and Design

Research Collaboration

Green Investment Advice

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