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NanRise and Ping An Cloud Accelerator form business partnership

南科创新与平安云加速器于2020年1月签署意向书,合作推动中国与东盟市场发展, 联手协助企业与中国科技创新团队建立发展合作关系。 平安云加速器是平安科技与外部创新合作和互相学习的一部分,尽管很多企业都在做各种形态的创新孵化平台,南科创新与平安加速器会以双方在中国与新加坡的优势, 提供服务协助企业积极参与到加速器的招募、甄选与业务发展,帮助推荐候选科技团队,支持加速企业的技术本地化和业务发展。

Nanrise and Ping An Cloud Accelerator have signed a letter of intent to set up joint business partnership to develop and deliver technology acceleration services to enterprises, leveraging on the fast growing technology innovations industry in China. The Ping An Cloud Accelerator is part of Ping An Technology based in Shenzhen, China. The team will make use of their respective advantages in Singapore and China, to facilitate enterprises to identify, recruit, and develop partnerships with tech companies in China.

Ping An Cloud Accelerator recent demo day held in Shanghai in November 2019.



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